Photo of Christopher FairbairnMy name is Christopher Fairbairn. I am 26 years old and for the last 7 years have been living and working in Christchurch, New Zealand. I am a true geek at heart, passionate about technology and it’s applications in the mobility space.


I have been interested in computer programming since my family brought an Atari 520STe and I discovered a version of BASIC was included. Over the years I have gravitated towards mobile development since I enjoy working within constrained environments, where the solution is never “just throw more memory in the server”. I enjoy the low level aspects of software development, having had an interest in code generation and compiler design since discovering a partial copy of Jack Crenshaw’s “Lets Build A Compiler” tutorial on a floppy disk many years ago.

When not working in high level software I enjoy developing firmware for a variety of microcontrollers, having experience with Atmel AVRs, Microchip PICs, and M68K microprocessors among other platforms.

I have an interest in disassembly of old game cartridges for Sega Master System and other game consoles. It’s amazing what developers did with high constrained environments and primitive tools. A lot of their intent and creativity still comes through clearly when disassembling their code, a true testament to their skill.


I started part time employement within the IT industry in 2001 when I started to work for Holliday Group Limited (HGL) while studying at Canterbury University. I owe alot of my success in the industry to the break Phil Holliday provided me.

Over the years I grew up with Holliday Group Limited and it’s various change of ownership (the name of the company was changed to iTouch Business Mobility and it’s current name of Blackbay). This lead to full time employment in 2004 and the eventual job title of Technical Architect. In my time at Blackbay I was involved in development of mobility applications for Palm OS and Windows Mobile platforms, spending most of my time in the low level communications and hardware interfacing areas.

In early 2007 I moved on to ARANZ Medical Ltd (AML) where I am involved in a small team of incredibly talented people working on an innovative product which marries an off the shelf PDA with custom hardware to enable wound care applications in the medical field.