Windows Mobile Tip: Determine which versions of the .NET Compact Framework are installed

Windows Mobile devices can come with different versions of the .NET Compact Framework installed in ROM. End users can also install various service pack releases etc. This blog entry outlines how in customer support scenarios you can determine which version(s) are currently installed on a particular device.

The .NET Compact Framework installs a utility called cgacutil.exe onto each device. This utility is primarily designed to allow the addition or removal of assemblies from the .NET Compact Framework’s GAC (see the section titled “The GAC” within Richard Grimes’s Fusion Workshop article for further details).

The utility however also has a handy feature which enables you to determine which version(s) of the .NET Compact Framework are currently installed.

How to run cgacutil.exe
On Pocket PC or Smartphone devices you can use the File Explorer application to navigate to the \Windows directory. Within this folder you will find the cgacutil.exe application which you can launch by tapping on it. As an alternative you could use the run dialog tip I mentioned earlier by typing “cgacutil” into the run dialog.

Once cgacutil is started a popup message box will appear which will list the version numbers of currently installed version(s) of the .NET Compact Framework.

Picture of message box displayed by cgacutil application showing which versions of the .NET Compact Framework are installed

If more than one version of the .NET Compact Framework is installed, these will be listed in a comma separated list.

Comparing .NET Compact Framework version numbers to releases
To convert the version numbers reported by cgacutil into the names of the co-responding .NET Compact Framework releases you can compare them to the following table:

Release Name Version Number
1.0 RTM 1.0.2268.0
1.0 SP1 1.0.3111.0
1.0 SP2 1.0.3316.0
1.0 SP3 1.0.4292.0
2.0 RTM 2.0.5238.0
2.0 SP1 2.0.6129.0
2.0 SP2 2.0.7045.0
3.5 RTM 3.5.xxxx.0

This table contains all current versions of the .NET Compact Framework. I however have not included any BETA or CTP (Community Technology Preview) releases as these are generally found only on devices owned by developers.

The .NET Compact Framework v3.5 has not been released to manufacture (RTMed) yet. Hence the exact version number is not known at this time. The entry in the table above is only for indicative purposes only, I do not know which digits will replace the xxxx part of the version number at this stage.

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  1. I just came across Neil Cowburn’s posting on HOWTO: Determining the .NET Compact Framework Version. The article contains a much more complete table of possible framework version numbers to .NET Compact Framework release mappings. Well worth a look for anyone considering using this technique.

  2. Negron says:

    Great post.
    Simple, usefull and clear. The way it should be.


  3. Jimmy says:

    I have a question. Im running Windows Mobile 6 on my BlackjackII and evereytime I install .NET Compact Framework v3.5 I end up with problems that its still installing even after days. Other apps and overall performance of the phone comes to a standstill. if i dont touch anything for a minute or two an installation screen pops up saying installing.

    Am i doing something wrong?

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