Introductory Compact Framework Presentation – coming soon

On August the 8th at 6pm I am presenting at the Christchurch branch of the .NET User Group. I am providing a presentation which is an introduction to development on the .NET Compact Framework aimed at existing desktop developers.

Ths is my first public speaking oppertunity so I am sure closer to the time I will become more nervious etc, but at this stage I am fairly excited about the oppertunity and hope that is is not the last.

If anyone has any tips on public speaking or in creating presentation content I would be glad to hear from them. I like the notes John-Daniel Trask has posted on his blog about his initial experiences in a similiar situation.

Further details, including a registration form should be able to be found on the .NET User Group website within the next few days. I look forward to seeing you there.

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