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Screenshot of PythonCE About dialog box running on a Windows Mobile 6 powered SmartphonePythonCE is a port of the Python programming language to the Windows Mobile Pocket PC platform. I became interested in this project a couple of months ago and released a couple of patches to allow the application to run on Smartphone devices (such as Motorola Qs or Samsung Blackjacks).

Over the last month or two I have had numerious requests for a PythonCE CAB file which runs on a Windows Mobile smartphone.

The patches I submitted have not yet been included in the builds available via the main downloads page for PythonCE, so today I decided to host my unofficial PythonCE build on my blog. I hope this helps people who are looking at getting a working Python development environment up and running for their smartphone.

The cab file should run on any Windows Mobile 5.0 or above Pocket PC or Smartphone device.

[Download 3.09 MB]

Edited: October 5th 2007 – An official build has been released by the PythonCE project. You can obtain it from their downloads page.

Please be aware that this is just a “random” build I had on my harddrive. I lost interest in PythonCE after finding development had been quiet for a while. Since I’ve had a number of requests for Smartphone compatible builds recently, I decided to take a look at what I had, and I found this CAB file. Taking a look at it, it seems this build has all the patches I submitted upstream, plus a couple I didn’t get around to submitting. It doesn’t however have some of the features I was working on just before I lost interest. It’s a case of “user beware”, I take no responsibility with respect to the usability of this particular build…

I would be interested to hear feedback from anyone using PythonCE, especially anyone interested in further development. There seems to be a keen community of PythonCE users, but this doesn’t seem to be matched by people keen on developing PythonCE further. Is this just a case of the existing builds satisfying most people’s needs?

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  1. Pavan Pareta says:

    Hi Christopher Fairbairn,

    I have developed a application in Pythons S60, is possible to run that python script in Windows Mobile 5.0 and above.

    Best regards

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