PythonCE-2.5-20071004 Released

Yesterday I uploaded to the PythonCE SourceForge project downloads page a new PythonCE release.

This one is slightly better than my previous release, since it has been built from a known code base, which allows it to be rebuilt and expanded upon in the future.

If you are using a Pocket PC device you should also see that you have a new context sensitive popup menu on the main editor window. This provides cut/copy/paste options which you may find handy while developing short programs directly on the device.

This release also includes an optional patch which provides initial support for building with Visual Studio 2005 instead of Embedded Visual C v4. This patch needs refinement before it can be included in the main release, since it has essentially been hacked into the existing file and lacks auto-detection of the location of your Visual Studio 2005 and Device SDK installations etc (what has happened to the batch files that used to be present in EVC???).

The main aim of this release is to start to increase the device compatibility of PythonCE. If anyone downloads this release I would appreciate feedback on whether it works on your device type or not. It should work on any Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone device running Windows Mobile 2003 or later.

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  1. Hannu says:

    This might be a stupid question, but how do I execute the commands in PythonCE? I have Samsung SGH-i600 with full qwerty keyboard, but Enter button doesn’t seem to execute the written commands.

  2. Hi Hannu,

    No that isn’t a stupid question. You should just be able to press the enter key on your keyboard (and/or push down the middle of the D-PAD).

    I’m not sure what would be going on here. Would you be interested in running a little test app if I created one later this week to try to figure out what is going on here?

    Python CE will only interpret commands if it can find a >>> prompt at the start of the current line. So if you accidentally delete this etc, you can get into a situation where commands are not accepted (i am working on a patch to resolve this particular issue).

    If possible could you confirm that you havn’t deleted the >>> prompt displayed by Python CE, and test out if you can get Python to process the commands if you press the middle of the D-PAD (i.e. the arrow keys in between soft key buttons)? This would help me diagnose the issue.

    It would also be handy if you could file a bug report on the PythonCE sourceforge website, so we could track this issue, and see if anyone else comes across it etc.

  3. Hannu says:


    Thanks for replying. I just tried it again, just inputting print ‘k’, but neither Enter nor the D-PAD button does nothing.

    I would like to run your test app, but would that be possible without the ability to execute commands in the Python console?

    I’ll make a bug report to the PythonCE project.

  4. Thanks Hannu,

    That is interesting… I certainly have not seen this before, but have a couple of ideas on what may be happening.

    What i’ll try to do is produce a small standalone test app (i.e. no requirements on a working Python) that tries to narrow down on the problem and eliminate as many scenarios as possible.

    I have had success reports for similiar Samsung devices, so it must be something fairly trivial.

    I assume what is happening at present is when you press the enter key, the cursor is jumping down to the next line, but Python CE isn’t responding by executing the last line of input. Is that correct?

  5. Mark Brents says:

    Hi, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to do this smartphone port of Python. I’ve installed it on my Motorola Q. However, I’m having a slight problem: the backspace key doesn’t work. In most programs on the Q, the back key acts as a backspace when you’re doing text input. However, in this one, it backs out of the application to the previous menu.

  6. Hi Mark,

    Sorry about about. The last release of PythonCE I made was an attempt to bring together a number of my patches that had “collected dust” for a couple of months.

    I had a number of requests for a smartphone compatible build (and this re-sparked my interest in the project) so I quickly pushed out something and attempted to recover what I could from the patches I could find.

    Quickly after that release I discovered the issue you mentioned. I obviously missed part of one of the patches I had made.

    I am planning to make a new release in mid November and the good news is that this is one of many smartphone specific improvements which should be made available at that stage.

    Other issues you will possibly discover while using a smartphone that have already been fixed for the upcomming release include:

    • the use of raw_input(’some prompt’) displays a dialog which can not be closed
    • If using a device with a numeric only keypad there is no (easy) way to enter a tab character and it’s a pain to enter some very common characters such as : [ ] ( ).

    If you would like I could email you an “alpha” copy of this November release in it’s current state of development. It would be great to have someone independantly test some of it’s new features and provide feedback etc before it’s released for general distribution.

  7. For those interested the bug reported by Hannu turned out to be related to a third party application that he had installed on his device. Further details can be found within the SourceForge issue tracker.

  8. Mark Brents says:

    I’m not that great of a Python programmer, so I don’t know how much help I could be. But I’d be glad to try out the alpha version on my phone. If you send it to me, I’ll install it.

  9. William Lee says:

    Thanks very much for the port. I’ve downloaded the lastest version on sourceforge and installed on my moto Q9h, but it seems to have the same problem with Mark Brents mentioned that the “back” key works incorrectly, and I really can’t wait to try phython on smartphone. would you please send me the ‘alpha’ version of the next release? thank you very much!

  10. Alex says:

    Hi to everybody.
    I have installed this latest release of Python CE v.2.5 on Samsung i600 and it works just perfect! No issues with keyboard operation whatsoever. I need a help though: Is it possible to install Numeric package (built for version 2.4) in current release and if so how could I do this? Is NumPy package available for CE? In general, could anybody recommend brief self-containing description of building packages and their installing on Windows Mobile devices. I didn’t find any. If the developer(s) just didn’t have enough time to do this I would be glad to participate in documenting. Thank you for your great job!

  11. helan4258 says:


    The PythonCE2.5 smartphon works also well to my Samsung BlackJack. For further installation of Numarray from SF, do you have any idea about how to set it up? Thanks!

  12. EraSER says:

    I have run django framework with pythonce on my I-mate Jam!
    It works nice, but I can’t run django shell

    Have you planing to build newer version, 3.x?

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