Neat custom controls, comming your way soon…

For the past few days I have been working on a University assignment due Monday, as well as helping organise the next .NET User Group Code Camp being ran on November the 3rd and 4th. As such progress has been slow on my personal projects.

As mentioned earlier I have started work on improving my .NET Compact Framework Notification wrapper to support arbitrarily complex soft key menus. Progress has been quite good, with custom menus now largely working. Along the way however I have learnt a number of interesting things about the implementation of SHAddNotification (and SHCreateMenuBar). I’ll discuss some of these later and their impact on the wrapper, which hopefully I will be able to complete once my assignment is submitted.

Another project I have toyed with this week is porting SWI-Prolog’s text console window (plterm.dll) to Windows Mobile as part of improving the editor window within PythonCE. Rainer Keuchel has ported an older version of SWI-Prolog, so I took the source code for the latest version of SWI-Prolog and applied a similar set of changes. Initial progress looks good, the console widget has really been designed for easy reuse in other applications. I might even try to create a .NET Compact Framework wrapper for it, as being able to chuck up a text prompt can be a handy debugging interface at times.

Today I also noticed that João Paulo Figueira has provided an initial demonstration of a list-based form control library he has been working on. This library for native C++ developers is designed to give a user interface similar to the Pocket Outlook UI seen on Pocket PC devices. I took his code and compiled it for Windows Mobile 6 Standard edition (i.e. a smartphone). It seems with a little work this control could also work on smartphones. The main issues were reasonably minor ones such as lack of support for using the keypad to interact with some of the controls, which look like they would be reasonably easy to resolve.

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