Portable Puzzle Collection beta 2 (plus source code)

OpenNETCF logoToday I produced a build of my port of Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection as my submission to OpenNETCF’s latest monthly coding competition. While producing this submission I realised that since the last mention of this porting effort I hadn’t provided an update on my progress, or even outlined how you could obtain the source code. Opps…

Since the last blog entry I have created a project on google code to host my porting efforts. You can find this project at http://code.google.com/p/portablepuzzlecollection-wm.

If you are interested in helping out with this porting effort, here are some details you will probably need to know:

Tools required:
In order to build the puzzle collection you will need to have the following tools installed on your desktop machine.

Build instructions:
Unlike many projects which use Visual Studio 2005, this port does not have a project or solution file. Instead the Visual Studio 2005 compilers are used from the command line as part of a custom build framework developed by Simon Tatham. This is mainly due to the build framework also supporting building the puzzles for Mac OS X, desktop Windows and Linux all from a Unix based build server.

I have modified the build script with some temporary hacks to allow building the puzzle collection with Visual Studio 2005 on a Windows based host. To build the puzzle collection in this environment you should perform the following steps:

  • Obtain the source code from the SVN Repository.
  • Open up a command prompt.
  • Change to the directory you placed the source code in.
  • run build-ppc.bat.

Assuming no errors this should produce a CAB file and a setup.exe. If an error occurs you may be able to determine what happened by viewing the contents of the wce-build-log.txt file.

To install the software manually install the CAB file on your device, or run the setup.exe executable on your desktop PC (which will automatically download and install the CAB file for you).

Depending upon your circumstances you may need to alter some of the paths specified within build-ppc.bat. Eventually I may produce a VS2005 project file as an alternative (and more friendly) way to build the puzzle collection.

Found an issue with this port?
There are still a number of issues outstanding with this port. If you find any I would appreciate it if you could report them via the issue tracker available at http://code.google.com/p/portablepuzzlecollection-wm/issues/list. Or even better submit a patch!

Apart from a few cosmetic style issues, the major issues I am aware of at present is the lack of keypad support for some games. This is stopping some of the games from being playable on a Smartphone (Windows Mobile Standard) device.

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