Updated Designed for Windows Mobile Program Handbooks available

Designed For Windows Mobile LogoIn order to use the “Designed For Windows Mobile” logo in your marketing material your application must be submitted and pass a battery of tests perscribed by Microsoft.

The newly revised handbooks that cover applications for the new “Designed For Windows Mobile 6″ logo(s) are now available for download.

On an initial flick through the handbooks there doesn’t appear to be many significant changes. However Microsoft has got more perscriptive in some areas such as deployment options for MFC based applications (which must be statically linked for logo certification).

If you’re starting out in Windows Mobile development these handbooks are a great guide for creating applications which have a native look and feel to them.

 I encourage every developer to strive (where possible) to make their applications as compatible with the “Designed For Windows Mobile” certification requirements as possible. Your users will have an easier time utilising your application and will already be familiar with it’s basic operation. It’s also easier to pass the tests some time down the track if your application has been designed within them in mind from it’s inception.

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