Vodafone v1210 Windows Mobile 6 ROM upgrade

I went hunting for the Windows Mobile 6 ROM upgrade a couple of times since I purchased a Vodafone v1210 smartphone earlier this year and saw an upgrade was planned for later in the year by Vodafone New Zealand.

It’s probably been out for quite a while and I’m the last one to find it… but today I found the official Vodafone New Zealand ROM upgrade so thought I would share the link.


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  1. Although the ROM upgrade instructions mention it should work with a Vista host PC I couldn’t complete the upgrade when using a Vista machine. Part way through the upgrade process, a message box appears saying the upgrade failed and the application would exit. This leaves the device in a little bit of an inconsistant state (it was still WM5.0, but with the storage wiped and an upgraded version of the Radio firmware).

    Switching to an XP machine meant the installation process completed successfully after I had rebooted the phone.

    Another trick is to make sure you leave the ROM upgrade files in a directory which is writeable. The upgrade process extracts some files during the installation process and “locks up” without warning if it can’t write them. This happened to me initially, as I placed the upgrade files on a network file share when I switched to a PC running Windows XP. Placing the files in c:\temp worked a treat…

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