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Sponsors of Code Camp Boot CampIt’s now a couple of days since Code Camp Boot Camp finished, and I finally have some time to summarise the event, having completed my last university exam (ever?) earlier today.

This was the first .NET code camp event I have been directly involved in organising. Peter Jones and Simeon Pilgrim have already posted some good summary posts on the event.

Overall the general consensus was that the event was a great success.

It was good to see encouraging comments on the catering for the event, since this was my primary responsibility and my first time performing such a task. Subway sandwiches seemed to go down a treat.

Unfortunately helping to organise the event I didn’t get to see all the presentations I would have liked to. The ones that I did see were just as good as those at “professional” events such as MEDC which cost significantly more to attend. We are lucky to have a number of excellent speakers in New Zealand, who don’t mind travelling at their own expense to events around the country, and this generosity is a large part of why we can make such events free for attendees.

Over all I came away with a better appreciation of LINQ, and in particular technologies around LINQ and SQL (such as SQL to LINQ and ADO.NET Entities). I liked the ASP.NET Dynamic Data Controls presentation by Andrew Tokeley and can see some personal projects where this could be a useful framework.

The Morse Code puzzle challenge only had a couple of entries but as Simeon mentioned the 4 solutions we obtained had taken quite different approaches to solving the problem. I was quite impressed by the solution of Simon Green (who was the eventual winner of the Zune MP3 player). Simon had solved the problem not once, but twice, and his LINQ based solution was just a tad slower than Simeon’s hand coded radix tree based model solution.

Personally I found the event a great way to develop some personal contacts and future opportunities. Hopefully I’ll be presenting at the Southland .NET User Group and a yet to be formed Mobile and Embedded Developers User Group as a result of conversations I had at the event.

I would like to take the oppertunity to thank the sponsors who really made this the event that it was…

We out these sponsors the event wouldn’t have been possible.

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  1. Simeon says:

    Just like to say thanks for organising the food Chris, fantastic effort, and I was really surprised at the value for money and quality. Not really sure I saw much of the second day, but the networking was fantastic.

  2. Simeon says:

    Anoth note Chris, you’ve spelt my last name wrong, flip the ir -> ri

  3. Sorry about that Simeon, that typo should be fixed now. Let me know if you come across any others.

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