World’s Greatest NERD?

Photo of World's Greatest NERD medalI’m defiantly not the world’s greatest nerd, but today I found out that I passed the last paper needed to complete my Computer Science degree. I got an A+ for the Declarative Programming paper I did extramurally via Massey University.

All going according to plan, this should mean I can finally graduate from Canterbury University early next year.

To celebrate completing my degree my partner bestowed the following medal on me. Below the medal is the description:

“World’s Greatest Nerd – How does someone with biceps like knots on cotton, 3 inch thick glasses, 14 pencils in their pocket, and a laugh that could curdle like milk, become so popular? Perhaps it’s because you’re the only one who can fix all our computer problems.”

It’s good to finally have this degree completed. Having stopped a couple of years ago to pursue full time employment I really underestimated how long it would take me before I took the initiative and completed those last couple of points…

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