Introducing Community Interviews

Photo of a person holding the earth between a pair of handsThe internet has helped make the world a smaller place, but has also had a tendency to anonymise people. People are attracted to Windows Mobile development for a number of reasons, and although involved with them via their blogs, forum postings and presentations etc it can be difficult to put a face to the name, or place them within the Windows Mobile community.

I am aiming to have a new type of semi-irregular blog post on this blog in the form of interviews of interesting people within the Windows Mobile development eco-system that I have had the pleasure of communicating with.

To get the ball rolling I have interviewed Dale Lane, a professional IBM z/OS mainframe programmer by day, a Windows Mobile enthusiast by night. His interview is timely since he touches upon a number of general feelings held by many users within the Windows Mobile community at present with regards to the usability of the Windows Mobile platform and importance of cheap development tools.

If you would be willing to be interviewed, or would like to recommend some one to be interviewed please contact me via the newly configured contact me page on this blog.

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