.NET Compact Framework Platform support

.NET Framework logoQuick! Will .NET Compact Framework 2.0 run on a Windows CE 4.1 powered device?

Today while helping someone with a development question, I rediscovered the Devices and Platforms Supported by the .NET Compact Framework page within MSDN. This page contains two handy charts. The first lists each .NET Compact Framework release and the various versions of Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone and Windows CE it supports. The second table lists the version of .NET Compact Framework you can expect to find pre-installed in ROM on a given device.

A lot of questions within online forums come down to what platform support there is for a given .NET Compact Framework release. This page will come in handy in determining the compatibility and deployment requirements for applications using a particular .NET Compact Framework version. It’s particularly handy because it covers a number of corner cases not seen in similiar charts found elsewhere.

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  1. How to get(download)and install compact framework 2.0 for pocket Pc,platform windows mobile 2003 pocket PC (hp ipaq ,hw6500 mobile messenger)

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