Visual Studio Tip: Discovering the Remote Tools

Screenshot showing path to Visual Studio Remote Tools within the Windows Start Menu

“Old” Embedded Visual C (EVC) developers will be familiar with a set of Remote Tools that enable developers to perform various tasks on a connected Windows Mobile device from the comfort of their desktop PC.

The good news is that these tools have made their way into Visual Studio 2005 and 2008. However it appears that they are less discoverable in their new home, based upon the number of forum requests where people seem to be unaware of their existence.

Instead of being located within a Tools menu within the IDE itself, the Remote Tools are now available via your Windows Start Menu, in a “Visual Studio Remote Tools” submenu. Within this menu you should find shortcuts to the following 6 tools:

  • Remote File Viewer – View and manage the file system on a target device (including exporting and importing files).
  • Remote Heap Walker – Display information about heap identifiers and flags for each process running on a target device.
  • Remote Process Viewer – Display information about each process (application) running on a target device
  • Remote Registry Editor – Display and edit the registry for a target device. Including the ability to import and export *.reg files.
  • Remote Spy – Display messages received by windows associated with applications running on a target device
  • Remote Zoom-in – Capture a screen shot from a target device and copy to the clipboard or save to disk.

These tools can come in handy while developing and debugging your smart device applications. If you use these tools regularly and hanker for them to be in the Tools menu of the Visual Studio IDE you can manually configure this by following the instructions listed on the Visual Studio for Devices team blog.

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