Summer Road Trip 2008 – Debrief

Photo of the Christchurch leg of the Summer Roadtrip 2008 event.

The Summer Roadtrip 2008 organised by the New Zealand .NET User Groups arrived in Christchurch today.

There was a great turn out of approximately 150 people according to Darryl (the second highest turn out so far!). This wasn’t bad considering the dismal weather. We joked the event should have been renamed the “Winter Roadtrip 2008″…

Daniel Wissa was the MC for the event and did a wonderful job, plugging the Christchurch .NET User Group along the way. If you haven’t came along to the user group before I encourage you to come along to our next meeting, the more the merrier and the better events we can put on. We have a mixture of events during work hours and nights to fit in with most people’s schedules.

Chris Auld and Jeremy Boyd did an amazing job running the presentation, especially considering that Chris wasn’t feeling too well. I was the local speaker and covered using Visual Studio 2008 to develop and debug ASP.NET AJAX functionality. I would really like to thank JB for making it really easy for a newbie presenter to learn the ropes and feel comfortable on stage.

I think I have caught the presenting bug and helping present this event defiantly hasn’t put me off. If anything it has shown me how expertly Chris and Jeremy can present technical content and given me some things to work on in developing my own presenting skills. I look forward to taking the opportunity to present more in 2008 and grow as a presenter. If you have a presentation opportunity, please feel free to contact me.

If you are keen to take a look at the source code or slides for the summer road trip presentation, these will be posted after the last presentation in Invercargill (i.e. in a couple of weeks time). So if you were keen to take a look for yourself at how little code you have to manually write to communicate with your WCF services via javascript stay tuned, and I’ll post the download location in due course.

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  1. Daniel Wissa says:

    Thanks for the plug chris, I’ve just posted about the event too… I also realised you’re not on the NZ.NET OPML list, will add you now.

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