Raffael’s new blog – tips for Windows Mobile ISVs from a Microsoft Support Engineer

Windows Mobile logoToday I discovered Raffael’s new blog. Raffael is a Support Engineer for Microsoft CSS (Customer Service and Support) who works to support third party developers working on the Windows Mobile platform.

Raffael has only recently started blogging by the looks of things, but already has delivered some really unique and useful insights for software developers. Not only have the posts contained technical details and code samples, they have also covered some of the “soft” and non technical aspects of software development.

For example I particularly liked the article about “Supporting Kiosk-mode applications on Windows Mobile” which discusses the difference between something being “technically achievable” and “supported”. This touches on the notion that just because something is feasibly possible it doesn’t mean it’s the correct thing to be doing.

Another interesting post was one discussing device driver development and the “support boundaries” for different types of developers.

This is definitely a blog that is worth keeping an eye on if you develop for the Windows Mobile platform, it promises lots of interesting tips and insights into Windows Mobile development. The only thing I would suggest is missing from the blog at the moment is a short bio, or welcome post. I’m not sure of Raffael’s last name for instance, and couldn’t find it via the blog.

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  1. Raffaele’s full name is Raffaele Limosani and is located in Milan, Italy.

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