Embedded .NET User Group: Meeting 1 – Summary

On Tuesday the Christchurch Embedded .NET User Group (EDNUG) held its first meeting. A good turnout of over 20 people attended bringing with them a wide range of experience and interest levels in embedded development. It was good to see a few people getting their first exposure to embedded development!

Andrew Leckie, Bryn Lewis, and myself decided to kick off the user group with a general introduction to the various Microsoft technologies and platforms for embedded development. There was a lot of interest in the audience for the .NET Micro Framework and many questions around how extendable it was from a third party perspective. During the presentation Bryn raised many interesting examples of previous projects he has worked on, including GPS enabled versions of the game DOOM and Windows CE based telemetry systems for Trains.

In the end due to time constraints we split the presentation up into two sessions. With the second half to be presented at our next meeting. I have attached the slides from the first session which covered an introduction of the .NET Micro Framework, .NET Compact Framework, Windows Embedded CE and Windows Mobile below.

It was great to chat with many of you during the meeting. One thing that was discussed was the “SPARK Your Imagination” promotion and the possibility of organising a group shipment of development boards. If you would be interested, have any comments or are able to offer support to the user group, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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  1. Le Sage says:

    Thanks for the slides, Christopher!
    The group looks like a good idea, shame I’m living in Paris: ;)

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