It’s a small world after all

I have been subscribed to Dale’s blog for the last few days. His blog contains an interesting mix of technical information and ???? about his volunteer work.

Today I was surprised when his post “Windows Mobile has a ‘Run…’ dialog” made reference to my blog. This was a nice warm fuzzy when I stumbled upon it.

It is quite bizarre how small the world is. What are the odds of me finding his blog, and him finding my forum posts within a few days of each other? I would imagine in a world of 6.6 billion people, it would be quite, small.

This is one of the main reasons I started helping out on the MSDN forums, and started my blog, I want to connect with other software developers through-out the world, and share my knowledge, in the hope that it helps others. It is my way to contribute back to the community.

It has also given me an idea for an extra category of posts I can blog about. I am going to start a new category of posts, which briefly cover hidden features (or atleast not well known ones) of Windows Mobile. I will start off by re-blogging the tip I posted to MSDN Forums which Dale found useful.

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  1. Dale Lane says:

    Spooky timing!

    I’d just gone back to the Windows Mobile MSDN forums for the first time in a couple of years. I’d pretty much forgotten about them, but a friend suggested I give them a try to get help with a C++ problem I’m stuck on, and it’s got me following them again.

    Looking forward to getting some more WM tips from you! :-)


  2. Thanks Dale,

    I notice you’ve resolved your C++ problem and that your latest blog posting is about a cool little Pocket Internet Explorer extension for bookmarking that you have been developing. That’s a neat little extension you’ve made.

    I’ve been wondering about people’s experiences with RSS feed readers and web browsing from Windows Mobile device. It seems I’m not the only one trying to do this. I find quite a few of the websites I visit simply don’t render well on a mobile device.

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