Windows Mobile Tip: Word Completion settings

Screenshot showing location of Input control panel applet and the Word Completion tabAnother Windows Mobile feature that is commonly undiscovered are the word completion settings. You can find these within the “Input” control panel applet, found within the Personal tab of the Settings application.

Although the labeling and precise set of options available changes with Windows Mobile version you should be able to configure the following types of word completion features:

  • Suggest words when entering text: Should Windows Mobile suggest possible ways to complete the word currently being entered via a popup list.
  • Add a space after word: Should a space be automatically inserted if the user selects a word from the word completion list.
  • Enable auto correct: Should common typing mistakes such as typing “youre” when you meant “you’re” be corrected automatically when typing a space after the word.

Enabling the Auto Correct feature is more practical for English speakers than it is for other users of other languages. The rules and auto corrections are rather hardcoded and may interfere with phrases common in other languages. You may spend more time correcting the auto corrections than it spends correcting your mistakes!

Now for the bad news… your mileage may vary with this Windows Mobile Tip. Although the word completion feature is a standard part of the operating system there are a number of “moving parts” between the keyboard and the application which could affect text input behavior. Altering these settings on your particular device may or may not alter the word completion behavior of your device, as word completion may be implemented or controlled by another part of the software stack (for example a custom Software Input Panel developed by the device‚Äôs OEM).

Tomorrow we’ll discuss how a .NET Compact Framework developer can programmatically control these word completion features on a textbox by textbox case.

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  2. Vo Minh Luan says:

    I don’t rename tabpane for application creating visual studio 2008, you can help me!

  3. neil says:

    hi, nice tutorial
    If there’s a Clear Stored Entries button…
    may i ask how to manually input data so that my data in non-english terminology will be suggested. Where can i found the database of the suggested word or can i make my own database of my own word to be suggested by the windows mobile device. please reply asap.

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