A much better way to side deploy WM6.5 widgets

Picture of a sad smiley faceSometimes I can be a bit of a dope…

You can ignore my previous post about side loading widgets which are deployed via a web server… There’s a much easier way.. the entire post was based upon incorrect assumptions and feedback from a couple of people with actual WM6.5 devices (hacked XDA-developers.com based ROMS no less…).

I’ve since discovered that most widgets should automatically install (without hacks) if you simply provide a hyperlink to the *.widget file directly. Although the crappy internet explorer dialog with less than obvious “open” option is still part of the installation process which may trip up less technology savvy users (or at-least require additional guidance on the download page).

Depending upon your webserver you may need to alter your mime types however to get the file correctly detected. If this is the case, add an entry for the .widget file extension with the mime type specified as “application/widget”.

Gerr… sometimes it really pains me the lack of developer documentation and support for WM6.5. This is not the first time I’ve gone down incorrect paths.

If you have access to an actual WM6.5 device with non hacked ROM, I would love for this to be verified. I’m sick of second guessing emulator behavior vs actual released ROM behavior.

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  1. Me says:


    you cannot install Windows Mobile 6.5 Widgets on a physical device without executing wmwidgetinstaller.exe because the file extensions .wgt and .widget are not associated with the Widget Installer. It seems Microsoft wants to force developers to use their Marketplace.

    Therefore your first approach to execute wmwidgetinstaller.exe with the .wgt file as argument is necessary. A workaround which I found in a forum thread is to use a tool like Total Commander on the device and associate the .wgt file with wmwidgetinstaller.exe. The installation works perfectly then.

  2. Nick says:

    I’ve been trying to get this to work but to no avail. Have you confirmed that this indeed does work on a non-hacked WM6.5 device?

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