SQL Server MVP Deep Dives book – order your copy today!

Cover of SQL Server MVP Deep Dives bookI’m a bit late to the game, but if you haven’t heard already you should investigate buying a book called SQL Server MVP Deep Dives that is about to be published by Manning. This book has contributions by 53 MVPs (mostly SQL Server based, although there are a few representing other specialties).

The book has over 60 short chapters on a wide range of SQL Server related topics. You’d be hard pressed to find another knowledge packed book written by some of the biggest names in the community.

All the authors donated their time and energy to this project. Even better all author royalties for the book are being donated to War Child International. So buying a copy is a great way to support a charity.

As the description on the Manning website states:

This is not an ordinary SQL Server Book. SQL Server MVP Deep Dives brings together the world’s most highly-regarded SQL Server experts to create a masterful collection of tips, techniques, and experience-driven best practices for SQL Server development and administration. These SQL Server MVPs—53 in all—each selected a topic of great interest to them, and in this unique book, they share their knowledge and passion with you.

I urge to to consider buying a copy, and when you do take a look at chapter 22 – “Placing SQL Server in your pocket” – which was written by me :-)

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