DNUG Meeting: How to Become an Exceptional DBA

Photo of Brad BcGehee
Date: Wednesday October 21st 2009
Time: Gather at 5:30 pm, starting at 6:00 pm
Location: Room N510, CPIT, Madras Street
Presenter: Brad McGehee

Becoming a DBA doesn’t have to be just a job; it can be a very rewarding career. While many DBAs are happy with just getting by, the Exceptional DBA is not only outstanding in their knowledge of SQL Server, they are consummate professionals who are in high demand, and command high salaries.

In this session, Brad McGehee, Director of DBA Edution for Red Gate Software will focus on the following topics:

  • Why I Should Become an Exceptional DBA
  • Characteristics of the Exceptional DBA
  • Specialize: You Can’t Do It All
  • Hone Your Skill Set
  • Is Professional Certification Really Necessary
  • Participate in the SQL Server Community
  • Manage Your Career, Don’t Let it Manage You
  • Take Action Now

This should be a brilliant presentation, even if you’re not a DBA. I’m sure the content will be relevant no matter your role within IT. Up-skilling, staying relevant and in-demand is key to virtually everyone’s career.

Since this presentation is taking place at a different venue this month I’ve included a map outlining its location below.
Map of CPIT showing location of room N510
Room N510 can be found on the 5th floor of N-S block, best accessed by the entrance off the corner of Madras and St Asaph Street.

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