Windows Embedded & Windows Mobile Seminar (aka Mini MEDC2007) in Christchurch!

Mobile & Embedded DevCon 2007 LogoWell this is exciting news as I wait here in the Venetian Hotel for┬áthe shuttle bus which will take me back to the airport, apparently Microsoft Australia has managed to convince Mike Hall and Derek Snyder to make a detour on their way home from the MEDC2007 event in Australia to give a “mini” MEDC2007 presentation in Christchurch. What’s more it appears to be a free event.

This would definatly be well worth attending, based upon the content I’ve seen while attending MEDC2007 in the US. Even if only to provide support to the idea, so hopefully in the future they do this kind of thing more often.

More details can be found on various blogs, including;

Here’s hoping the (father/son duo) have an awesome time in New Zealand and decide to return again in the future. You would probably have to have been at MECD2007 in the US to get this joke :-P

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