I’m a mobile developer (and author)!

Front Cover of Objective-C for the iPhone book by Christopher FairbairnYou might have noticed a few changes around here of late, including the renaming of this blog to /dev/mobile.

When I started blogging almost 3 years ago it was a way to contribute back to the community and share my passion for mobile development. I started with the community and platform I was most commercially involved with at the time – Windows Mobile.

However Windows Mobile was (and still is) only one of the many platforms I develop for. In fact as my bio hints next year will mark my 10th year developing mobile based applications and solutions! Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android and WebOS all didn’t exist back then. How time (and technology) flies…

For the last year or so I’ve wondered (similiar to others such as Joel Ivory Johnson) how to expand the scope of my blog to cover other platforms and technology stacks in which I’m invovled. I’m passionate about mobile development in general, and do a lot beside the visible Windows Mobile related content I post here.

Front Cover of Objective-C for the iPhone book by Christopher FairbairnThis came to a head in the last couple of months when I was asked by Manning to author an iPhone related programming book. How could I raise my visibility within the iPhone community and contribute content on a blog with “Windows Mobile” in the title?

In the end I decided to rebrand and re-organise the blog to enable me to introduce additional topics for which I’ve been keen to share.

To start my venture into blogging about iPhone related topics I have decided to create a 30 days of iPhone project. This will closely follow the existing 30 Days of Windows Mobile applications and will form a useful comparison between the two platforms (yes I am aware of AppsAmuck). Likewise I’m still committed to bloging about Windows Mobile, so at the same time I’m going to put in an concerted effort to blog about the existing Windows Mobile mobile based applications which are currently located within the codeplex based source code repository but haven’t been blogged about.

In the mean time please investigate my book “Objective-C for the iPhone” and consider purchasing a copy. It’s currently available via Manning’s MEAP (Early Access Programme), which means you can start to get chapters in PDF form during the editing process, before the final paper back book is published.

Your feedback on the book, becoming a first time author or how best to maintain a blog covering multiple technologies / interests would be greatly appreciated! One thing I haven’t fully worked out is how best to tag or categorise posts to allow filtering of iPhone or Windows Mobile specific content…

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  2. Kevin Daly says:

    Congratulations on the book, I’ll add it to my list (I’ve recently started iPhone development myself).
    In the interests of pedantry (and I’m a programmer, so what do you expect?) Pocket PC was launched early in 2000, so arguably Windows Mobile did exist when you started.

  3. Thanks Kevin for the kind words. I’ve been following some of your MonoTouch related discussions of late.

    I guess it all depends upon definitions. Back in the day of Pocket PC 2000 the moniker “Windows Mobile” didn’t fully exist. That first came into existance with the Pocket PC 2003 release. So yes I was technically using an earlier version of the same OS, but technically it wasn’t called Windows Mobile at the time.

    My first exposure was actually with one of the forerunners – Palm PC.

    Then again I guess to be 100% technically correct we should now simply be referring to “Windows Phone” :-)

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