.NET Micro Framework resources

Over the weekend I have found some more .NET Micro Framework developer resources available on the Internet.

  • Kudzu World – “Programming is an art form that fights back”. This is the personal website of Chad Z. Hower, which has a .NET Micro Framework related section. It is essentially an index to blogs, development boards and other resources Chad has discovered.
  • .NET Micro Framework for Dummies – This is a promising new blog by an unknown developer (I could not find any contact details on the blog) who is in a similar situation to me. He has brought a Tahoe development board, and is blogging about his experiences learning to develop for the new platform.
  • Jens Kühner – “Geek stuff about the .NET, Compact and Micro Framework”, a reasonably new blog by Jens Kühner who is currently writing a book about the .NET Micro Framework. He promises to provide further tips and tricks as his book writing continues.

It will be interesting to see how these resources develop over time, many are at an earlier stage of their development (similiar to my own blog).

Another link of interest is a presentation titled “.NET Micro Framework – Brining .NET to smaller embedded devices” which appears to be developed by Microsoft. This is a worthwhile read, for those wanting to get a good overview of the platform. Sorry about the link (it points to a random PDF on someones website), but I discovered it via a Google search results page, and have not managed to find a better page to link to.

3 Responses to “.NET Micro Framework resources”

  1. Pavel Bansky says:

    Hey Chris, you forgot to mention my .NET MF blog :)


  2. Cool, it wasn’t an intentional ommission. I simply hadn’t fully discovered the .NET Micro Framework content within your blog at that stage.

    On a side topic, I noticed on the microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.microframework newsgroup today (another resource I hadn’t found when I initially posted this entry) that you work for Microsoft. I hadn’t realised this before (I subscribe to your blog). Do you work somewhere within the Mobile and Embedded Division or is this embedded stuff just a personal interest?

  3. Pavel Bansky says:

    Better late than never :)
    Yes, I work in the field – providing support and services for Windows Mobile customers (Enterprises). The embbeded systems are my hobby…

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