Visual Introduction to .NET Micro Framework

Confused about the .NET Micro Framework and what scenarios it enables? Or wondering how it compares to the .NET Compact Framework? Finding the documentation heavy going?

The following videos may help explain the differences, and give you some neat ideas for possible applications of the technology.

6 Responses to “Visual Introduction to .NET Micro Framework”

  1. Wow! Is there any way I could get the source code to that project? I’ve been playing around with the .NET Micro Framework and the Tahoe Development Kit.

  2. I am not too sure about that one (I would also like to play with it). I have emailed Mike Hall about it, and will let you know if I hear anything.

    What is your interest in the .NET Micro Framework? I’m interested to hear more about what other people are looking at using it for.

  3. Mike Hall replied to me and had the following to say:

    “I’ve not released the Space Invaders code, I would probably need to modify some of the sprites used in the application before releasing the code.”

  4. Actually, I was considering in putting together a Microsoft .NET based portable gaming console. And after looking into the Sideshow framework I stumbled upon the Microsoft .NET Micro framework and it seemed to fit perfectly with what I wanted to try it out for.

  5. Hey, I looked through the samples in the .NET Micro Framework and those work really well for getting started. I’ll post a sample of my own on my blog today.

  6. Mike Hall has released some details on his blog about how his game was implemented. The blog entry at may be a worth while read, if you’re interested in creating similiar applications.

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