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Google Gears for Windows CE?

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Google gears running on a Windows CE device Recently Google announced a new browser plugin which allows developers to produce applications which can be accessed and interacted with while the browser is disconnected from the internet. This sounds like an exciting prospect for mobile devices such as Windows Mobile powered PDAs, where a solid connection to the internet can not be guarenteed, yet the versioning and deplyoment scenarios enabeld by a web based application are ideal.

Currently Google Gears supports Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox on desktop class machines. However Google Gears is an open source project with source code available for download, so obviously I had to have a crack at compiling this for Windows CE powered devices.

As you can see from the screenshot attached to this blog posting I have had some success. With a little bit of work I am now able to compile gears.dll (the main google gears binary) for ARMV4I devices and can get Google’s own website to detect the Google Gears API being present within the browser.

It’s still early days, as there are various things I’ve stubbed out, and I havn’t verified any of the more advanced functonality actually works, but it seems a Google Gears port for Windows CE is acheiveable with reasonable ease.

Time to start a project I think…