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TechDays 2009 – April 1st – Defy all challenges

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

What will you be doing on April the 1st? As a developer you should be planning to be part of Microsoft’s TechDays 2009 event. This 24 hour event is a series of live and recorded webcasts that slowly moves around the virtual globe. It’s a chance to learn with more than 95 technical sessions on current and merging technologies in mobility, Windows, Office, Sharepoint and Web development. It’s also a unique opportunity to meet and connect with Microsoft employees and industry experts alike.

It’s also my first oppertunity to present a webcast for Microsoft. During the event I’ll be presenting two great presentations originally developed by Paul Yao and Alex Yakhnin as the event rolls through my timezone.

You can view a constantly updated list of sessions for further details. Including details on the two presentations I will be presenting.

  • MBL201a Win32 versus .NETCF: The Right API for Your Job – The Windows Mobile platform offers two core APIs. Each has its strengths and situations when one makes sense over the other. This session provides a framework for selecting which API makes sense, when it makes sense, and why each choice makes sense for the given scenarios. This session provides details that will ensure that you never feel at a loss when encountering this question.
  • MBL400a Creating Compelling and Attractive UIs for Windows Mobile Applications – In this webcast, we explain how to utilize the Alpha blending and Gradient drawing APIs on the Windows Mobile platform to create a compelling and attractive user experience in your mobile applications. We also provide an example of how to create a framework that could be used to simplify the development of custom user interfaces.

Make sure you register today!