The internet has helped make the world a smaller place, but has also had a tendency to anonymise people. People are attracted to Windows Mobile development for a number of reasons, and although involved with them via their blogs, forum postings and presentations etc it can be difficult to put a face to the name, or place them within the Windows Mobile community.

Occasionally I have the opportunity to interview members of the Windows Mobile developer community and when I do I place the interviews on my blog. This is my way to highlight the wide variety of people and activities going on within the community.

If you would like to be interviewed, or have someone in mind that you think should be interviewed please contact me.

Dale Lane a professional IBM z/OS mainframe programmer by day, a Windows Mobile enthusiast by night. This interview discusses some of the issues of being a hobbyist developer and is timely since he touches upon a number of general feelings held by many users within the Windows Mobile community at present with regards to the usability of the Windows Mobile platform and the importance of cheap development tools.
João Paulo Figueira, a Microsoft MVP and owner of Primeworks a Windows Mobile orientated independent software vendor. João has a passion for native (C++) development and is very active in the SQL Server Compact Edition database scene.
Steve Hegenderfer, a Technical Evangelist and Group Manager for Solutions Delivery within the Windows Mobile team at Microsoft. Steve is very passionate about the Windows Mobile platform in a way that tends to rub off on anyone who gets to meet him in person. Steve discusses the current environment for line of business application developers and provides some suggestions for developers new to the platform.
Raffaele Limosani, a Support Engineer for Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) focusing on helping Windows Mobile and CE independent software vendors “realize their potential“. This interview provides links to some great developer resources and explains some things you may not be aware you are entitled to when you buy a copy of Visual Studio.
Ilya Tumanov, a Software Development Engineer (SDE) from Microsoft’s Office Labs. He formerly owned parts of the .NET CF base class library (such as ADO.NET and LINQ) and is very active answering questions within Microsoft MSDN Forums.