30 Days of Windows Mobile

Chris Craft came up with the idea of producing 30 small C# applications for Windows Mobile devices. He posted one sample application along with source code for each day of June 2008.

I have taken the time to (slowly) port his code samples into native C targeting the Win32 APIs. My aim is to allow developers to compare these two development environments.

If you click on an application within the calendar below you will be taken to a brief description of the application along with links to blog posts that cover the C# and C versions of the sample.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Week 1 (June 1st to 7th) Minutes to Midnight Bluetooth Manager GPS Compass Mileage Tracker Mobile Capture Pocket PasswordGen Mobile FX
Week 2 (June 8th to 14th) Rotate Me Mobile Tipper What is My IP? Mobile Signature Mobile Quiz Pocket Death Calculator Mobile SMS Contact
Week 3 (June 15th to 21st) Mobile SMS Remote SMS Logger Lunch-O-Matic Mobile Weather Mobile Speedometer Mobile Altimeter Mobile Sketcher
Week 4 (June 22nd to 28th) GPS Clock Mobile Info Mobile Flashlight SmartDial GeoCash Repeatr CallBlocker
Week 5 (June 29th to 30th) Community Megaphone Reader Tripper


Date Description Language
Day 1 Minutes to Midnight Countdown
Countdown timer until midnight.
C# C
Day 2 Bluetooth Manager
Utility to programmatically control Bluetooth status.
C# C
Day 3 GPS Compass
GPS tools to read device’s heading from device GPS.
C# C
Day 4 Mileage Tracker
Application that will track vehicles mileage statistics.
C# C
Day 5 Mobile Capture
Screenshot utility that will programmatically take screenshots on device.
C# C
Day 6 Pocket PasswordGen
Program generates secure random passwords.
C# C
Day 7 Mobile FX
Fun application that allows user to play various “situation” sounds.
C# C
Day 8 Rotate Me
Utility to programmatically control the device’s orientation.
C# C
Day 9 Mobile Tipper
Allows users to calculate tips quickly and easily.
Day 10 What is My IP?
Find out the IP addresses a device has in a snap.
Day 11 Mobile Signature
Program that will capture signature from people in the field.
Day 12 Mobile Quiz
Application that is designed to display created quizzes and polls to users.
Day 13 Pocket Death Calculator
Fun program that will calculate how long until a user has left to live.
Day 14 Mobile SMS Contact
Utility to allow sending of SMS text messages to groups.
Day 15 Mobile SMS Remote
SMS framework and application for sending SMS commands to devices.
Day 16 SMS Logger
Record and log all SMS text messages received by device.
Day 17 Lunch-O-Matic
Take the chore out of deciding where to eat lunch today.
Day 18 Mobile Weather
What will the weather be like today?
Day 19 Mobile Speedometer
GPS utility that will obtain current speed from the device’s GPS.
Day 20 Mobile Altimeter
GPS utility that will read the current altitude from GPS.
Day 21 Mobile Sketcher
Simple but powerful drawing application for Windows Mobile.
Day 22 GPS Clock
GPS application that can update the device’s time from GPS information.
Day 23 MobileInfo
Program that will read and display device related information
Day 24 Mobile Flashlight
In the dark? Mobile Flashlight is here to help.
Day 25 SmartDial
Want to create your phone dialing interface? Start with SmartDial.
Day 26 GeoCash
This application will log and track where you spend all your money.
Day 27 Repeatr
Miss a phone call, text message, or email. This application will remind you.
Day 28 CallBlocker
Tired of that annoying automated marketing call? Let CallBlocker block it.
Day 29 Community Megaphone Reader
Wondering where the closest developer event is to you? CMR can tell you.
Day 30 Trippr
Let Tripper find geotagged photos from your location on Flickr.